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How to Manage Hair in Humid Weather in the Summer

The carefree days of summer are here once again. Long, restful hours spent soaking up the sun at the poolside is just what the doctor ordered after a dreary, cold winter. Unfortunately, the salt, humidity, sun, and chlorine that your hair endures during this time of year isn’t as pleasant as the season itself. Thankfully, though, there are ways to counteract the common hair issues of summer and keep your hair looking as amazing as ever

Handling Humidity During Hot Summer Days

If you live or vacation in the south, you know well the horrors humidity can unleash upon your hair. “Humidity negatively affects almost all hairstyles by either causing it to frizz up, droop and fall flat, or a combination of both.” The end result is frizz for those whose hair naturally curls, and flat, lifeless strands for those of you whose hair is naturally straight. Either way, humidity transforms your beautifully styled hair into either lifeless strands or a frizz ball. Neither is particularly appealing.

Tips For Combating Humidity

the single best way to ensure your hair looks its best, even when the air is heavy with humidity, is to have a healthy foundation. “Hair is basically a living organ on our body like anything else, it has to be healthy to ‘operate’ properly. You will see best results in your style and texture when your hair is healthy and you have a trim every 6-8 weeks!”

Invest in Some Humidity Taming Products

In addition to having your hair cut and styled on a regular basis, you should also have some products on hand that will protect your hair from the effects of high humidity. I recommend a lightweight leave-in serum or oil that you use on your still damp hair. Be sure to choose one with dimethicone to repel humidity from your hair. If your hair is super thick and/or textured, apply from roots to ends. If it is naturally fine, avoid the roots and apply mid-length to the end. Once you apply the products, be sure to dry your hair 100%. Hair that is still even slightly damp is more susceptible to the effects of humidity. Also, consider pulling your hair in an updo, wearing a stylish hat or fashioning it in an attractive, daring braid as an alternative to leaving it down, which will reduce the effects of humidity.

I hope the information above will help you overcome the common effects humidity has on your hair, allowing you to enjoy your summer!

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