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How to Extend the Life of Your Brazilian Blowout

Who doesn’t want glistening strands that require no furious blow-drying, straightening, serum-ing, etc.? Who wouldn’t prefer to roll out of bed, give those locks a tousle and see work-worthy hair staring back at them in the mirror? Well, it doesn’t really matter who wouldn’t, because we’re pretty sure you would – and a Brazilian blowout could be the answer. It allows you to ditch the hour-long hair care routine and instead take a simple approach, but only if you make sure it lasts. Here’s how.

Wash Your Brazilian Blowout Minimally

If possible, you should already be on the every-other-day shampoo routine. Washing your hair every day is never good, because you strip away valuable oils and expose strands to more chemicals. The same is true for a Brazilian blowout, but even more important. If you wash too often, you will reduce the lifespan of the treatment and start to lose that frizz-free perfection faster.

Use the Right Products

You have to wash your hair sometime, of course. When you do, you should use the proper products, free of sulfate and sodium chloride to ensure you keep that new ‘do safe. If you don’t want to spend on products specifically formulated for the Brazilian blowout, talk to your stylist about other acceptable options. Don’t wing this step, though; you’ll just be wasting your money.

Protect Your Hair When Swimming

If you’re going to expose your hair to salt or chlorine, take a minute to coat the strands in a protective serum, then put your hair up. This simple step will do wonders to extend the life of your treatment, especially if you’re going to be in the water all summer.

Color First, Then Brazilian If you intend to maintain a Brazilian blowout and hair coloring routine, always color first. That way, the drying and frizzing effects of dye can be addressed during the smoothing treatment, and you can maintain beautiful, shiny hair over the long haul.

Photo by @hairbyrosapinto

Next time you get frustrated by tangled, frizzy, misbehaving locks, consider a Brazilian blowout. Come talk to your stylist today about the treatment that gets you smooth, lasting, frizz-free hair for months. Just make sure you’re prepared with proper post-treatment hair care. And now, you will be!

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