Is There a Difference Between Salon Hair Color and At Home Color Kits?

At home hair color kits offer a convenient, low cost solution to hair coloring needs. But what’s the real cost of these low budget versions of salon services? What are you really getting when you skip the salon and don that free pair of vinyl gloves to play hair colorist in your bathroom?

The Claims of Hair Color Kits 

Hair color kits themselves come in a variety of formulations and price points. Some claim to be less damaging to hair because they’re ammonia-free or have natural ingredients. Others claim to offer premium results that mimic natural hair color. The box labels make it look like you’ll get softer, longer-lasting results with one brand over another. The fact is, that most commercial brands of home hair color kits are all the same, except for a few small differences. 

The Hair Conditioner Factor 

In reality, the premium brands of at home hair color kits will give you softer hair, but that’s not to do with the hair colorant; it’s everything to do with that small bottle/packet of hair conditioner that’s inside. That heavy duty conditioner is carefully designed to counter the harsh effects of the cheap hair color you just doused all over your scalp. Your hair will feel amazing right after you condition and rinse because of the conditioner, not the hair color.  

The Facts of Salon Color 

There’s a reason why hair colorists have to go to school and get a professional license. It’s because they are handling strong chemicals and learning how to safely apply those chemicals to clients’ hair. Hair colorists are not simply people who learn how to style hair. The vast majority of their training is learning the different parts of the scalp, and the physiology of the head, as well as chemical education in order to keep themselves and you safe. They need a license to handle salon color because salon color is a completely different product than you’ll find in at-home kits.

 Salon Color Can Never Be Replicated at Home 

You’ll never be able to replicate salon hair color at home because you don’t have the skills or access to salon hair color products. Not even if you shop at Sally Beauty Supply or any other place that sells to the general public, because real salon color isn’t allowed to be sold to non-licensed individuals.  

The fact is, all you’re doing when you continue to use at home color kits is damaging your hair and scalp unnecessarily. Worse, since these its don’t last as long as professional color, you’ll need to color more often than you would if you visited a salon.

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